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Qartu Broker LTD.

The Cartu Broker LTD Brokerage Company was registered on 26 June 2001and is the assignee of Reba LTD Brokerage Company registered on 24 June 1999. 

The main objectives of the Company are:

  • consulting the investors and issuers;
  • the placement of the issuers' unsecured securities;
  • sale-purchase of the securities on the clients' instructions;
  • management of the clients' investment portfolios and the funds allotted for the transactions with securities;
  • the preservation and registration of the clients' investment funds or/and the securities and, also, service of the nominee shareholder.

The Brokerage Company has affected a number of transactions with securities both at the local and foreign markets, with the highlights affected at the Russian market in 2005 and the Georgian market in 2007.

Actual Address:

39a Chavchavadze Ave.

Business Address:

39a Chavchavadze Ave.


Bank - Finances


(995 32)2912890; 599781157


Giorgi Nasibashvili

Date Joined: